image sample image sample When you choose Giorgos olive oil you are choosing a product deep in tradition, experience, and expertise of my grand father Giorgos who from 1910 produced olive oil in order to create delicious meals for his family and his friends in a small village called Exochori in Mani, Peloponesse. My grand father was inspired from the endless olives groves in Mani in order to become an olive oil producer. His passion was to produce the best quality olive oil satisfying the demands of the best cookers in the world. Therefore he cultivated himself the olives, and then pressing them very carefully in order to produce authentic flavour, pure, extra virgin olive oil. We are continuing his legend by producing only extra virgin olive oil from the same farm with the same methods as if the time has not changed. Our olives trees enjoy a continous care all over the year which allows them to reach optimal size, optimal colour before harvesting. We are selecting our olives one by one with old traditional methods in order to ensure that only olives ready for harvesting are used for olive oil production. After this step, our olives are placed in environmental friendly ecological sacks and within a period of one day they are transported to EU certified oil press where pure extra virgin olive oil is produced. The whole process from production untill distribution is completely monitored and certified