image sample image sample Our farm cultivates olives which are certified for the unique quality characteristics ie low acidity, ideal color, taste and aroma. These characterictics are only achieved by a particular geographical region called Mani. Our firm has acquired such a certifcation from the respective greek authorities. We are cultivating olives which are characterised as protected designation of origin. For more information as far as concern that certification please open the Zertifizierung Please open the certification for a translation in english. Furthermore, the processing of our olives is done only from certified mills like the union of agricultural cooperatives of the Messinia Prefecture as well as from the union of agricultural cooperatives from Exochori/Mani Village with licence number 096073847. For more informations as far as concern certifications of these unions please open the doc. Moreover our firm conducts its own olive quality control by sending samples of produced olive oil to the Central Chemical Department in Athens, Greece for examination. Also tasting is conducted by our pool of olive oil experts which have decades of experience in sampling and classifying olive oil according to each nuances, aroma and subtleties determining with the highest standards whether the produced olive oil is worthy to take our label.