Exochori is a Village by Mani in the Peloponnese Region in Greece. In that village our family produces organic extra virgin olive oil since 1910. Our olive oil meets international accepted standards. Our long experience in harvesting, processing and storing olive oil ensure that the customers will buy a product with top quality. Indeed if you want to find the best olive oil look to see where the olives were grown and when the olive oil was made. As a farmer i strongly encourage all customers to look only for certified olive oil with EU protect label.

Lab Results

Our Olive is found to meet the highest standards set out by Internation Oil Organisation

Fresh olives produce fresh olive oil....

Olive Selection Process

image sample We are carefully selecting our olives one by one from our olives trees by hands in order to make certain that they are picked undamaged. The hand by hand process also help us to pick only the cultivated olives from the olive trees and to leave in the tree the olives which need more time to be cultivated. Therefore freshness and only the first quality of olives is ensured by this process.We follow this process since 1910.

Usefull Information

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