image sample image sample Our firm has decided to open a branch office in Austria for the central Europe in order to be able to serve with the most optimal way its clients. This decision was made despite of the crisis in Greece which shows that our firm is commited to serve its clients also under severe economic conditions. The new offices will be created in 19 area of Vienna (1190), close to the center. Furthermore, our firm has also decided to offer internship to young students who want to study the olive oil process and who want to learn more about harvesting. The internships will be also followed by a thorough theoritical and practical experience. Last but not least our firm has decided to publish on the internet articles written by our experts. A new article for the milling process is published on our webpage which includes the sections: cleaning the olives, grinding the olives into a paste, malaxing the paste, seperating the oil from the vegetable water and solids etc