image sample Our company was born for the desire of our family to preserve the real greek tradition in the greek and foreign food market. Our strategy is based on a sound corporate ethic where consumer health is our major concern. To ensure the best quality of our products we colaborate with various agricultural instituts in Greece in order to ensure adequate quality control as well as to exchange ideas for pest, weed, and disease control of our olives. We have the processes and structures necessary to support our clients locally and according to their country specific requirements. Our clients are in the core of our business. We have a characteristic way of working closely with our clients and we call it the colaborative experience. Our company has central office locations in Athens, Greece and subsidiaries in Exochori/Mani as well as in Delphi, Greece. 80 percent of the staff of our company have university degrees. Also, an adequate number of our employees are holders of a master degree specialised in food quality control and food industry. Our company is proud for its highly motivated staff who have passion for success, and who are commited to excellence. The company is also higly sensitive in environmental issues that concern the olive oil production until the wholesale distribution of olive oil. Our company is certified by the respective authorities for producing only olive oil from Mani an area where protected designation of olive oil origin applies.