image sample Our firm has found that growing olives by adhering the most strict organic farm practices produces the best olive oil. We utilize the high density olive orchard process and we are extremely satisfied from the outcome. Every year the soil from our olive trees is tested whether or not it contains the proper nutrients such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and pH. In case there exist a nutrient problem we correct it by using only organic certified fertilizes approved by EU. Also regularly a pest, weed and disease control is taken place. We believe that a very thorough sanitation is important for reducing overall fly densities. We remove old fruit remaining on trees following harvest and destroy all fruit on the ground by either burying it at least 4 inches deep or taking it to the landfill. Furthermore harvesting is done by hand picking in order to ensure that only matured olives are used to produce olive oil. We produce two kinds of olive oil: The first kind of olive oil comes from green olives with extreme high polyphenol content. The taste of this olive oil is sharp with some bitterness. The second kind of olive oil comes from matured olives where their fruit matures from green to yellow-green and it starts to soften and then their skin turns red-purple in color. These olives have a medium polyphenol content at this stage, and they are starting to develop some ripe-fruity characteristics. Our oil produced from fruit harvested at this stage have very little bitterness and some pungency. They have close to a maximum amount of oil per dry weight. With that way, the olives are considered to be at their peak for olive oil production. It is important to note that olives which have been harvested every day are transported the same day to a certified Mill where with the method of cold pressure extra virgin olive oil is produced. Moreover, olive oil filtering as well as olive oil storage complete the process of olive oil production. The milling, filtering and storage are caried out by the biggest certified Mills in Greece which we have a partnership. To see a list of our products please open Our Products