image sample At Exochori Village in Messinia as well as in Amfissa, Eratini, region of Delhi you can find our Olive Groves. A walk through in these areas is like a step back in time because our olives are grown and handed picked with the same methods as in old times. Our trees enjoy full and prosperous flowering due to year-round care, which allows the olives to reach optimal size and maturity just before harvesting. We are proud for the most exceptional healthy status of our olives. In few words we do the following: Harvesting (hand made process, Crushing (cold pressure method), Tasting (classify olive oil according to its nuances and subtleties, Analyzing (analysis to ensure quality of olive oil), Refining, blending. We have a passion for olive oil therefore we are trying to produce the best olive oil. And we are indeed exceptionally pride for the outcome.